Zombies, aliens and monsters are no longer just a fantasy. The threats are real and Zulu Six is the elite team that has been created to counter these viable threats and defend our freedom.


The people of Jack County were loving and decent. Until the demons moved in like a plague. There was no stopping them until the Navy Seals arrived. They gave them a fight of epic proportions. 

AK Waters Productions, LLC (“AKW”) has published 17 e-books with over one million downloads. 

Many of these books have also been released as paperback, hardback and audio-book editions. AKW has a team of writers who specialize in various categories – spy thriller, genre fiction, romance/family, biography/memoir, etc.


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Narco Terrorists have all the power in Mexico and their corrupt government supports them. How far is the US government willing to go in the game of Narco annihilation?

Straight out of training, a beautiful Russian spy embarks on her first mission in America. 

Inspired by actual events.