zombie football

The Russians have devised the perfect plan of attack at The Big Show premier football of the year. 

american badass 

An action packed journey that is based on a true story. Dale Comstock is a member of the most elite counter-terrorism unit in the world known as "Americas Secret Army." Delta Force.  

kauai spy games 

Covert operative Jeff Ivanov knows life is not always paradise on "The Garden Island." His mission is clear from the start but even with his expert training and experience even he wasn't prepared for what he encounters.  

a spy for christmas 

A chance meeting on an airplane are more than Robin bargained for. Can she resist Grayson's charm and more importantly can she trust him?  


point  hope

After retiring from the Navy, Trey is starting a new life with his wife Rosette.  

a special ops christmas 

 Does absence make the heart grown fonder? Vivianne is beginning to realize their love may not be enough to keep their marriage together. Can Aiden make it home in time to prove her otherwise? 

Miami spy games

A new gun has made it's way for a Russian science lab to the streets of Miami in 2012. A gun like no one has ever seen before. It instantly destroys the functioning power of the brain turning people into zombi-like beings. Can the ACES Team recover the stolen weapon before it's too late?

recovery of agent m

Navy Seals do not leave people behind and they never quit. Jeff Ivanov and his previous team, SEAL Team 7 prove this during this dangerous hostage rescue mission off the coast of Venezuela.